5 Keys to a Successful Weight Loss Program

Austin, Texas -- Special Report

Austin Weight Loss Key #1 -Goal Setting — A successful weight loss plan starts with proper goal setting.  The average person can expect to lose 1-3 pounds of fat per week.  Take the total amount of fat you want to lose then divide by 3.  This will be your best case scenario.

Austin Weight Loss Key #2- Diet and Nutrition - Most people make the mistake of thinking that working out alone will give them the results they want.  The truth is, your diet will determine about 70% of your results! A successful fat loss program will include directions and assistance that help you make healthy choices a part of your lifestyle.

Austin Weight Loss Key #3- Cardio — Your successful weight loss program will work faster if you include the cardiovascular element.  This includes anything from walking to swimming, and will aid you in your quest to lose fat.  Austin has many parks and recreation areas that make fat burning cardio activities easy to find.

Austin Weight Loss Key #4- Resistance Training— Resistance training in an area of working out that is commonly overlooked by women.  It can, however, dramatically improve posture, bone density, and tone your muscle.  A common personal trainer weight loss secret is this: muscle increases your metabolism! So if you tone your muscle, you are helping yourself burn fat on autopilot!

Austin Weight Loss Key #5- Personal Training — Most celebrities beautiful bodies are due to the professional assistance and accountability provided by their personal trainers.  A successful weight loss program is one that provides support and a mentor who can help answer your questions.

The secret to a success weight loss program is to actually combine the above elements.

You need a solid and balanced program that you can live with. You need to work your muscles, get your heart rate up and eat a well balanced diet full of fruits, vegetables, fiber, water, healthy carbohydrates, good fats and lean proteins.

With a balanced plan, you can make a transformation that will last a lifetime!

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