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From Trainer Trent, CPT
Owner of Tone and Firm Boot Camp, fitness model
Serving the Greater Austin Area
Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Dear Friend,

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Excelina"The Workouts are Fun...they Get Results"

"Working with Trent has helped me learn new moves and routines to keep me looking and feeling my best.  The workouts are fun, but most importantly, they GET RESULTS in problem areas and make me feel more confident and sexy!

I highly recommend Tone and Firm Boot Camp and Trainer Trent's fat burning, body toning workouts! "

Model/ TV personality

"...Size 12 to size 6 in only 8 weeks"

"I went from a size 12 to size 6 in only 8 weeks training with Trent. I have to keep shopping for new clothes. This is awesome!"

- Katie S.

"I have benefited greatly"

"Trent brings a passion to what he does everyday. As a client, he pushed me to dig deep and focus on my personal goals, while encouraging me to give myself credit for how far I’ve come.He has me eating better, drinking more water, and most importantly being consistent in my workouts…I have benefited greatly from his expertise."

- Jennifer D.

"People I knew started making comments that I looked great"

"I just finished the Tone and Firm Bootcamp and I want to say I'm so glad I did it. It was such a thorough full-body workout, I left each day totally exhausted but really invigorated. Even though I started the camp in already pretty good shape, over the weeks I noticed my body beginning to become leaner and more toned, and people I knew started making comments that I looked great. I feel stronger and healthier. I also enjoyed the camp because of the comraderie with the other girls. Trent is an awesome trainer because he motivates and helps you, but in a supportive way rather than being mean and yelling, like some trainers do. I highly recommend the bootcamp, whether you are a fitness beginner or a workout junkie."

               - Emily G.


The Perfect Workout Program for Brides-to-Be...

"Talk about a confidence booster..."

"So Trent is pretty awesome, I have to say...
Ive been Training with Trent for about 2 months now and not only have I lost weight and trimmed up, but I feel more confident in my own skin. I use to dread working out- i would rather go have happy hour with my friends.. Now, I NEED to work out.. It gets me going- I even do laundry after work-outs now because the energy created from the workout keeps me going!.. (Thats truly amazing, btw!) My fiance' also thanks Trent because he says Im sexy! Talk about a confidence booster! Thanks Trent!"

               - Molly P.


And Newly Weds...


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Trainer Trent, CPT

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